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The former Co-op on the Main Street in Killin was left vacant after the local supermarket relocated to a new building nearby. KAT saw this as a unique opportunity to acquire a sizeable space for community activity and managed to secure funding to purchase and refurbish it.

The RecyKillin tool library and reuse shop will relocate here to allow more space for its current activities as well as a programme of workshops where people can learn to make and repair things.

KAT will also develop a Business and Learning Hub to provide flexible office and meeting space for the wider community and agencies to use. This space will enable local businesses to rent a desk space and use our facilities, meet and talk to other local business people who are doing the same. It's great for those working from home, who would like to be around other people.

The learning space will be for both formal and informal learning. The formal aspect will be developed over the next few years as we need to look into partnership working with providers. KAT will be looking at how we can support young people into work through skills and development programmes.

The building will also act as KAT's main office.

Project Contact

Theresa Elliot, Senior Project Manager


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Proposed Floorplan

Business Plan

Feasibility Study and Research Report