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Killin Youth Project has been running successfully since March 2022 initially through partnership with Callander Youth Project (CYP) bringing much needed youth services to the local area. In July 2023 KAT took sole responsibility for the project. Killin Youth Project is run by Project Manager for Youth and Sport, Carla Finlay, Sessional Youth Worker and a fantastic team of 8 dedicated Youth Work Volunteers. The project is fully funded through the National Lottery Young Start Grant until July 2026.

Killin Youth Project is holistically designed with the emotional and social wellbeing of young people at the centre of the work we do. Our focus is to provide access to a wide range of activities for the youth community of Killin and surrounding areas to enjoy and participate in. Killin Youth Project creates a place for socialisation, confidence building, supporting healthy emotional and mental well being, preventing separation from peers and enabling young people to flourish. It is fundamentally important to young people that they feel connected and integral to the community in which they live and the project focuses on supporting this and creating pathways to facilitate connection.

Killin Youth Project runs weekly youth work sessions for ages P6-P7 and S1-S3, with a capacity for 20 young people per group. A summer activity programme and many seasonal events are also available for young people to participate in. With a person-led ethos young people are at the core of the direction, design and planning of sessions. We encourage young people involved to problem solve, collaborate and make decisions as a group.  Through fun and creative youth group activity sessions, building relationships and communication we encourage young people to recognise their strengths and develop skills. We focus on the individual as a whole, promoting positive attributes. By providing a varied programme of activities and a framework structure that supports each young person from a place of safety and trust the project supports young people to focus on strengths such as teamwork, confidence and creativity.

We evaluate our provision using 3 outcomes which have been developed with young people engaging in the project to ensure we are meeting their needs.

These outcomes are as follows:

- Children and young people, living rurally, have access to activities and opportunities to socialise and reduce isolation.

- The youth community are connected and engaged with the wider community, increasing feelings of support and connection.

- Killin Youth Project will provide a safe and nurturing environment for young people to flourish and improve wellbeing.

Through the Co-op project we can look to the future and focus on skills and development for young people and we are working towards creating training and employability programmes as the project develops.

Project Contact

Carla Finlay, Project Manager (Youth and Sport)

Working hours: Mon, Tue and Wed

Email: carla@killincdt.co.uk

Phone: 07463 722103

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